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El Paso Strikes Again 2015 Video

El Paso Strikes Again 2015 Video

A few months ago, you might recall that I took some videography classes with noted local photographer, Robert Tibuni. This is the first video I’ve made since his tutelage and I’m pretty proud of it! It’s the first project that I’ve created on Adobe Premiere from beginning to end with no shortcutting, which was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

USBC Press Conference 10.20.14 (1)

The moment of awesomeness came when this video was presented at a press conference featuring our Mayor, members of the media, my fellow co-workers and USBC officials They loved it – I’ve made a few tweaks to the video since then mostly involving facts and figures, but otherwise the video is the same.

USBC Press Conference 10.20.14 (23)

Learning a new program can be daunting! Before I worked here, I had basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and worked with Cool Edit for all my audio stuff. Now I’m using Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and Audition on a nearly daily basis.

As I write this, I’m working on a really cool new video that’s going to promote a great¬†new mobile application that we’ve got here at Visit El Paso. This video is going to include a few actors out in the streets of El Paso, so I’ll be exercising my filming muscles!

Hope you like this video, friends. Let me know what you thought about it by sending me a tweet @crysticouture