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Quick Look at Instagram For Business

A few reasons why your business should make the switch

Quick Look at Instagram For Business

Quick Look at Instagram For Business

Instagram is hugely popular nowadays and has only increased its user base with the recent merging with Facebook. Instagram is great; the platform has been very friendly for organic growth and is visually inspiring, but until recently, it hasn’t been completely intuitive for business marketing. Well, that missing feature has just arrived with Instagram for Business! Here’s why your business needs to get started with using it for your marketing.

Connect to Your Facebook Pages

Marketing with different social media platforms has never been easier. When you get a business account, you can connect your company’s Facebook pages, making mass marketing much easier. Not only will you connect the posts you share, but also the ads you have. You get double the exposure without doing double the work.

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Add a Contact Button

When you turn your Instagram account into a business one, you’ll get to add the coveted ‘Contact’ button. Your followers can contact you directly,through whichever method you specify on the backend. This instantly gives people the chance to ask questions and place orders, without having to worry about finding the right website.

You’ll also be able to add a location. Rather than then getting in touch to find out where you are, they’ll be able to pinpoint you on a map. They can contact you in person when they need to.

Learn More About Your Followers

Posting great photos on Instagram is only half the fun. In order to continue staying relevant, you’ll want to know what makes your social media followers comment and like your updates. Instagram for Business gives you this chance through the new ‘Insights’ section. Here’ you’ll get to see your follower’s demographics and the devices they use. This can help you tailor your marketing and products for them to help you boost your sales, and amplify your message.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to make the change to an Instagram for Business account. Amp up the social media marketing for your business by gaining insight to what your followers love to see!

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