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Try This: The NEW Twitter Dashboard

A new way to engage, monitor and schedule with Twitter

Try This: The NEW Twitter Dashboard

Try This: The NEW Twitter Dashboard

Twitter is one of those platforms that has always managed to expand and with the new Twitter Dashboard it manages to finally offer the business users some much needed features. It’s the complete tools that companies need in order to schedule tweets, manage them and get a much better insight of what is said about them in the online world.

Why use the Twitter Dashboard?

There are many reasons why I think the Twitter Dashboard is significant. The main one is that it enables companies to engage their audience a lot faster. They can see what is said about their business and thus they can easily reply with just a single click. Twitter also makes it a lot easier for you to track analytics and view post results.

Honestly, I feel that these features should have been integrated with Twitter in the first place but it does show that Twitter does care about its customers and it does a great job at staying fully committed here. The takeaway for me at least is that Twitter Dashboard is finally replacing some tools like Hootsuite and other similar ones that are paid and instead it offers this great platform which is free of charge and available for everyone to use right now.

How does it work and what features does it offer?

Twitter Dashboard isn’t something spectacular, nor is it revolutionary but it does deliver some great benefits that, up until this point, required you to use other platforms. Via a single tap you can see how the content performs and thus you can easily change the strategy on the go. It’s all about finding the right way to refine your results and the platform does allow you to obtain such results.

The new Twitter Dashboard tool also allows you to see custom feeds so you will have the opportunity to track people that use your hashtags and address their needs. It’s a much better way of doing user engagement and one that does work very well!

Post scheduling is another one of the new features that I am very excited about. Scheduling is a great feature for sure, as many companies had to rely on external help for such a simple feature but thankfully that’s not the case anymore. Using this type of tool is extraordinary, it’s pretty much like your own assistant and it just makes the entire Twitter usage experience a lot more interesting and exciting. It’s definitely easier to have a scheduling function and it does save plenty of time from your side, that’s for sure.

As a whole, I think that Twitter Dashboard does a great job when it comes to offering you new functions and a lot more control over the Twitter features. It’s easier for you to change the content strategy or schedule posts and you don’t have to rely on external, paid tools anymore. That alone, combined with the seamless Twitter integration makes this platform one of the best that you have ever used and you should definitely consider giving it a try right away!